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PR: Who Needs It? You Do!
Use public relations tactics for your own good.
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Regardless of our impressions, public relations is not just for self-conscious corporations and glad-handing politicos. No sir, no ma'am. PR is for us regular folks, too.
If you are on the job hunt or if you're bucking for an in-house promotion. Or if you are trying to publicize a fundraiser for your organization or church. If you're trying to advance a cause or right a wrong. Or if you're just a show-off looking to grab a headline.
You have a case to make. You want others to appreciate (if not adopt) your point of view. You need your voice to be heard.
Some might call it "spin." Walt Whitman said it, "I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world."
The art of relating to your particular public -- whether it's a small one or global -- is a social skill we all must develop to some degree, or suffer the loss.
Certainly those who sometimes pervert PR skills for selfish gain at great social cost have sullied the profession. But those who mean to achieve nobler ends owe it to themselves and the public to be better adept at the PR tools, too.
How many worthwhile causes have failed because they were not able to broadcast their message well? Or because their enemies were better at it?
Most of the articles and links on these pages are aimed at abetting current and aspiring public relations professionals -- hopefully those who abide by the better angels of their natures.
But much of what you might find herein is useful to all the rest of us -- those of us who at least in some part of our lives need to interact with others in the public sphere.
Welcome to you, and may you find your visit to these pages helpful and worthwhile.

- Steven R. Van Hook

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