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Basics of Public Relations

Definitions, industry trends, employment, guidelines, primers.

PR Toolbox
Your Public Relations toolkit: writing a press release, working with the media, crafting a speech, links to fundamental resources, and more.

Beginner's PR Resources
Basic resources for Public Relations beginners including education, internship opportunities, employment links, reference materials.

Best Professional Tips for PR Newcomers
PR and marketing blogger Richard Lynch shares ten most useful suggestions as you start a career in public relations.

Effective Holiday Public Relations Strategies
Some professionals take holidays off. Jonathan Hulet says for PR people, that may be a time to step up the effort.

Crafting Effective Media Releases
Even start-up companies and nonprofit organizations with small or no advertising budgets can win valuable media play.

Media Relations Tips & Tactics
Once you've crafted your finely honed release, here are some suggestions on how to attract media interest in your newsworthy story

How to Choose Between PR and Advertising
While each has their own ups and downs, the differences between public relations and advertising are clear, and Steve Turner says how they differ matters to the tactics of a successful campaign.

Connecting Emotional Intelligence with PR
The most effective public relations consider the emotional skills of a practioner, and how well they emotionally connect with the target audience. Sara Fletcher provides details on how to make it work.

For Best Promotion, Think Human Nature
No matter how much marketing technologies evolve, Eddie Velez says common sense fundamentals still apply to successful campaigns.

Why Internal PR Should Come First
External public relations campaigns will be all the more effective if your internal PR is in good order. Amanda DiSilvestro suggests three steps to help.

What to Expect from Online Exposure
Do all the efforts and costs of public relations efforts really impact the bottomline of sales? Marsha Friedman offers examples of how they might, and how you might measure the impact.

Should Face-to-Face Meetings Matter?
Despite a near lifetime emersed in social media, young business observer Amanda DiSilvestro suggests there are times when an in-personal touch beats high-tech for sales, negotiations, and apologies.

Friendraising New PR Relationships
Social networking can be taken to a higher level, building public relations foundations on mutually beneficial friendships. Dr. Dan Eller provides a four step plan on how to make that so.

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How to Start Your Own PR Agency
Would you like to step in the ring and run your own public relations company? Amanda DiSilvestro says take the bull by the horns with six start-up tips.

Marketing Yourself for a Public Relations Job
It's tough to land that first PR gig in a competive field. Mike Crawford shares some tips on how to present yourself above and beyond the fray with a handful of essential steps.

How to Pitch Best for Media Placements
A newcomer to media relations may well worry how to tactifully approach that first media contact. Arit Essien recounts five fundamental rules to help ease the way for a novice pitch.

Prepare Yourself for Speeches & Presentations
There are two fundamental tips to be your best when presenting to the public, says Andrew Gilman: 1) Practice till perfect, and 2) Avoid the myth that you'll do better live than you do in rehersal.

How to Effectively Promote Yourself
If you're to be an effective promoter, one of the most important products to promote is yourself. Mark Macias details how to use your very best public relations skills at networking events for your own good.

The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & PR
In a wide-ranging interview with international marketing expert and author Al Ries, 20-year PR veteran Marsha Friedman considers where the mercurial marketplace has come from, and where it may be headed.

How to Run Ethically Sound PR Campaigns
Publicists are typically under pressure to provide fast and fabulous results for their clients. Steven Le Vine offers five tips on how to speed along while avoiding perilous shortcuts down hazardous roads.

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Have Video
Video clips playing on your business website can entice visitors to stay longer and buy more. Mark Macias explains how videos can showcase your company and enhance customer experience.

Public Relations: Your Saving Grace?
A well-executed PR campaign is not a quick payday, but a long-term investment. Steven Le Vine says the ticket to successful returns is to bank on perseverance, perspective, and patience.

How to Survive a Seasonal Slump
Many people can afford to take a break for the summer or other holiday seasons, but that's a good time to boost your PR campaign with these seven suggestions by Paula Gardner.

Your Message Content is Still King
To capture the overloaded eye of media gatekeepers, website visitors, and other key target audiences, Steve Jursa says to keep your communications customer- centered.

Six Best Public Relations Writing Tips
Here are six sure-fire ways to liven up your PR copy and keep your reader engaged. Even better, not a single writing suggestion mentions the words grammar, spelling or punctuation

New PR Graduates: Words of Advice
Breaking into public relations fresh out of college is as tough as it's ever been, but Dick Pirozzolo has an insider's take on how to knock at open doors.

How To Get the Media Interested in You
Take a good look around, and you may find any number of angles that would pique the interest of media news hounds. Marsha Friedman has suggestions how.

Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media
Many messages to the media are zapped fast and easily as emails. Manminder Dhillon has seven reasons why and how simply reaching for the phone may prove better results.

Social Networking Changes Everything
Befuddled by terms such as retweets, hastags, and followfriday? Diana Ennen has this primer on how social networks have rocked PR's world.

PR Strategies for Small Business
It's tough for small business to pluck the plum media spots in a PR campaign. Sheena Nix suggest to go for the low-hanging fruit instead.

Public Relations for Non-Profits
Tammie Ferguson says PR neophytes may get a break into entry level public relations and even do some good with non-profit work.

Five Tips for Creating World of Mouth PR
CR 'Cataunya' Ransom has a handful of suggestions on how to boost the buzz of your marketing campaign through some basic PR tools and tactics.

Traditional PR Still Remains Strong
Even in the wake of sometimes turbulent new media developments, the fundamentals of public relations still hold fast, says PR veteran Steve Simon.

Simple Techniques for Media Interviews
To ensure successful relations with reporters and crowds, John Millen recommends tactical tools of crossing the bridge or waving your flag.

Raising Your Profile
Is your message consistently set aside in the media shuffle? Kelly Davis suggests some strategic forethought may help you stand out in the crowd.

The Public Relations Career X Factor
You've completed your studies and are ready for that entry level PR job. Now is the time to make your mark, with some advice from Cori McKeever. 

A New Generation of Public Relations
It's a new era in PR and time to break the old modes and models, says Patti Hill, in this fresh take on what's hot and what is not in public relations. 

Putting Passion in Your Public Relations
PR gets much power from a sense of purpose and zeal, says N. Chandramouli, with a perspective from India on the fundamental pillars of success.

Microwaveable Marketing
In a fast-tech marketplace that expects instant results,
Mike Ference suggests tapping your traditional chamber of commerce and business networking groups.

The Benefits of Being Brief
The secret to maximizing the results of your PR team and consultants is to be concise and clear in just what you hope to achieve, says Barry Walton.

The New Rules for Public Relations
When the budget gets tight, it's time however tough for PR to keep rolling. Blake Miller considers changes and challenges in public relations strategies.

What You Don't Know about PR Can Hurt You
And hurt you bad, says PR veteran Robert Kelly. His prescription: go beyond the superficial tools of public relations, and work to alter public perceptions.

PR: The Wildcard Marketing Strategy
Small business managers may get the sweats over the PR puzzle. Dali Singh says dry those palms and start your journey to success with a few simple steps. 

Ethical Public Relations: Not an Oxymoron
The PR desk is frequently a company's conscience. Itís not always a popular spot to be in, but itís an important job. Done well, you can help navigate an organization to clear skies and treasure. Done wrong and you all hang together.

PR Glossary
Come to terms with the fundamentals of public relations: What is PR? What's PR's part in Marketing? Who's involved in Government Affairs?

More Basics of PR
Even more feature articles and links on the fundamentals of public relations.

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