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Public Relations for Beginners

Basics resources for the Public Relations novice.

Your Future in Public Relations
Who has a future in PR, what gets you started, where to find career support when the going gets rough, and why you should even bother. Lots of details and links in this four-part article.

Whither (and Whether) Goes PR
How will jobs in Public Relations weather the economic storm? Are those lightning bolts on the horizon? Your PR Guide responds to pertinent questions posed by a PRSA member.

Best Job Interview Tips
From the Mailbag: "I'm trying to schedule interviews with larger PR agencies in my home city. Do you have any tips for my first 'real world' job interview?" Sure thing, right here.

The Public Relations Career X Factor
You've completed your studies and are ready for that entry level PR job. Now is the time to make your mark, with some advice from Cori McKeever. 

Crisis Management Moments
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always seek an opportunity in the middle of your PR crisis situations. Here's some classic examples.

Should I be a PR Intern?
Internships can give a big boost up your career ladder in public relations. Lots of leads and links, and don't miss the 'best tip' for making the most of your intern time.

Guerrilla PR for the Entrepreneur
In this fundamental primer for entrepreneurs just finding their feet with public relations, author Jill Lublin prescribes seven basic steps for becoming known.

PR Glossary
Come to terms with the fundamentals of public relations: What is PR? What's PR's part in Marketing? Who's involved in Government Affairs?

PR: Who Needs It? You Do!
It's not only the big players. Public relations tactics are for the rest of us too: on the job hunt, publicizing fundraisers, tilting at social windmills, or just grabbing a headline.

PR Toolbox
Your Public Relations toolkit: writing a press release, working with the media, crafting a speech, links to fundamental resources, and more,

Business Wire
The first newswire to establish an Internet Web site in 1995, BW delivers company-generated news and multimedia content to traditional and online newsrooms, targeted journalists, and other wired news consumers. Provides free access to member company news archives, including profiles and electronic media kits.

Institute for Public Relations
Established in 1956, IPR carries out valuable PR research, education programs, and makes data widely available to improve the profession. The IPR has supported more than 200 separate research projects covering everything from what PR students should study to an analysis of how new technologies are affecting the profession.

International Association of Business Communicators
A 13,700 membership with access to industry information sources including Communications World Online for searching business communication topics. Plus a current and free PR job board provided to members and non-members lets you interact directly with the employer or agency posting the notice.

Internet Wire distributes corporate news, including press releases, financial announcements, graphics, audio and video files, and other time-critical business communications materials across an array of industry-specific channels. IW serves more than 2,500 clients around the globe, including more than 300 public relations firms.

Media Insider
A free service for the PR community, Media Insider is hosted by PR Newswire and ProfNet, its expert directory linking reporters to 11,000 media relations professionals. Among the departments for registered users (it's free): media placement intelligence, reflections on the practice of PR, and a bulletin board for jobs in PR.

O'Dwyer's PR Market Place Best of the Net
Online access to the inside news of public relations, including firms, insider analyses, jobs, publications, and more. Among my favorite features: a homepage search button to find a company's representative PR firm, and an often irreverent interactive define-PR-in-75-words-or-less page.

Occupational Outlook for PR
A comprehensive overview of the how's, where's, why's, and why not's of a career in public relations. Courtesy of the Bureua of Labor Statistics within the Department of Labor.

PR NewsWire
Provides comprehensive communications services for public relations and investor relations professionals ranging from information distribution and market intelligence to the creation of online multimedia content and investor relations web sites. PRN's 33,000 members consist of communications firms, government agencies, and companies including 70 percent of the Fortune 500.

Public Relations Society of America
PRSA is the industry's largest professional group. In depth PR resources, member and agency lists, links and several superb publications - Strategist and Tactics. PRSA has 114 chapters throughout the United States, with about 20,000 members.

The Father of Spin
An insightful if caustic review of a book on Edward L. Bernays and the birth of PR.

The Museum of Public Relations
This is the place to go to learn about how ideas are developed for industry, education, and government, and how they have been applied to successful public relations programs since the PR industry was born.

What is Issue Management?
The phrase "issue management" was coined by Howard Chase in 1976. More about it in this article.

What is Public Affairs?
Public Affairs: Its Origin, Its Present, And Its Trends. Website of the Public Affairs Council.

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