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The Power of Word-of-Mouth PR
Five tips for creating buzz in you marketing campaign.
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 by CR 'Cataunya' Ransom
Mosnar Communications

CR RansomWhen you were a kid do you ever remember doing tasks out of the goodness of your heart? The answer to this question would probably be no. Things have not really changed that much even now. What would make employees love to brag about the products and services you offer? Even better, what would make customers brag about the products and services you offer? The answers here are very simple. What's in it for me?  If you feel that just giving employees a paycheck is all it takes, then you have tons to learn. Think that customers are just satisfied with purchasing and receiving products and services? Then think again because customers are demanding much more.

A word of mouth marketing PR campaign could increase profit margins for your business instantly. It would allow customers and employees the rights to brag about your company to everyone they know. The best endorsement always comes from a happy customer or happy employee. Major corporations are now catching onto this theory. Opting to cut back on big celebrity advertising budgets to enforce word of mouth marketing PR campaigns.  

How do you start a word of mouth marketing PR campaign?

Step 1. Establishing Excellence

First thing is to build an excellent product or service. If your products and services suck there truly is nothing to talk about. Make sure that products and services are truly worth talking about and standup to every endorsement given.

Step 2. Appreciation Approval 

Reward customers and employees for promoting products and services. Let them know that you value them by offering special rewards for referrals. Create contests, discounts, giveaways, cash, etc. Employees and customers go wild for referral rewards! Big banks often give their business customers cash bonuses for referring other business customers.

Word Of Mouth Marketing PR Campaign Example:

"YOUR Company's Name Here" Offers Existing Customers V.I.P Status
"A promotional discount to show appreciation to customers, including friends and families."

Step 3. Get Free Publicity

Inform the press about your special giveaway offerings to your customers. Put your products and services in hot demand by making your offerings exclusive to customers only! The trick here is to get potential customers to become new customers and receive the exclusive offerings available to customers only. A press release will put you on the fast track when promoting a word of mouth marketing PR campaign.

Step 4. Communication Follow Up

The Internet is the hottest engine that every business should have and use. Continually thank customers and employees for loyalty and dedication. Use email campaigns to communicate with customers and employees. 

Step 5. Blog Control

Enforcing a blog in a word of mouth marketing PR campaign is a neat way to communicate with customers. This allows you to gather feedback and handle important issues. Always be certain to monitor your blog regularly to correct any damage control. Overall blogs are great communicational and promotional resources.

A word of mouth marketing PR campaign is a simple solution to incorporate to generate revenue. The possibilities are limitless when one person tells everyone they know about your products and services. Create a buzz surrounding your company with a word of mouth marketing PR buzz today!

CR "Cataunya" Ransom is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
of Mosnar Communications, Inc. in metro Atlanta, Georgia. 
CR consults clients and speaks to audiences relating to
global marketing and public relations practices. CR is the creator of the Mega Powerhouse Marketing system

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