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PR Business is Booming
The world's top PR firms multiply their earnings. 
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The news is good. They're making a more money than ever. A lot more. The top public relations companies have seen a skyrocketing increase in earnings over the last decade.
And there's proof. The Council of Public Relations Firms (CPRF)  has released a report ranking the world's top PR firms by earnings.
Revenues at the top 50 PR firms worldwide have more than doubled in just over three years. In 1997, revenues for the top 50 firms approached $2-billion. In 2000, their revenues were near $4-billion.
The news is even more impressive when we look at growth over the last decade. In 1990, the top fifty PR firms raked in about $1-billion. Looking at the 2000 revenues, that's an increase of almost 400 percent.

The CPRF's preliminary review of the revenue breakouts shows growth across all PR functions, specialties and geographies. While precise analysis of the data continues, it appears that several new service areas, particularly in Internet communications, contributed significantly to some of the more innovative firms.

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