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Media Directories

Media directories for print and broadcast outlets.

AScribe Best of the Net
A public interest newswire created at the University of California, Berkeley transmitting realtime news releases at reduced rates on behalf of higher education and nonprofit organizations, to the publishing systems of leading daily papers and web sites.

Assignment Editor
Extensive links, links, links to media and reference resources.

Burrelle's Information Service
The place to *buy* television & radio program transcripts, media directories, media monitoring.

Business Wire
The first newswire to establish an Internet Web site in 1995, BW delivers company-generated news and multimedia content to traditional and online newsrooms, targeted journalists, and other wired news consumers. Provides free access to member company news archives, including profiles and electronic media kits.

CJR Newspaper Finder
Another quick search form to locate more than 11,000 US & Canadian newspapers. Also courtesy of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Market Wire
Market Wire provides press release distribution of corporate news and media advisories directly to leading newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, consumer and trade publications, analyst terminal systems, Web sites and online databases around the globe.

Free registration gets you access to a large database of some 25,000 television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, cable companies and networks. All searchable by format, market size, state, and titles. Plus a nice assortment of media news and newsletters.

Media Locator - Newspapers
Search for US and international newspapers, trade journals, arts, specialty, college, online papers and news services. Well-designed site also features entertainment and business publications. Useful state market divisions.

Squeezing Fresh Tech Media Plans
Marketing and media relations for high-tech companies require some specialized tools. Mark Coker provides a comprehensive checklist for tech PR pros, with some useful tips for the rest of us too.

PR NewsWire
Provides comprehensive communications services for public relations and investor relations professionals ranging from information distribution and market intelligence to the creation of online multimedia content and investor relations web sites. PRN's 33,000 members consist of communications firms, government agencies, and companies including 70 percent of the Fortune 500.

PR Place includes addresses and hot links to PR organizations and publications, on-line news services and databases, journalism interest groups, and more.

SPJC Code of Ethics
Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty, says the Society of Professional Journalists.

Television Now
Quick links to television stations searchable by city name in the U.S. and Canda.

Who Owns What? Best of the Net
A comprehensive compilation of who owns what media. An outstanding resource directory maintained by Aaron Moore.

Worldwide Broadcasters
Links to television and radio broadcasters and networks around the world, from Australia to Vatican City and nations in between. Most national broadcaster sites are in their local language.

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