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Recycling Published Articles
Make the most of what you've already got.
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by Kelle Campbell

Publication articles are great for establishing credibility. If you were covered in the article, you're noteworthy. If you wrote it, you're an expert. And you can get a lot more exposure if you recycle that article.

When someone else writes about you, you'll have to ask for authorization to use the article, which may include paying for reprint rights. In fact, some organizations have a sideline of selling professionally prepared color or black-and-white reprints to you.

When you write the article, make sure the media outlet only gets first rights, so you can reuse the piece without asking permission. Just make sure that you don't use it in the relevant medium (e.g., print or online) before the publication does.

Depending on your plans for the article, you may have to cut and paste the pages so that you get rid of ads, photos or other authors' pieces. You also can take the article to a copy/printing service and have them do it for you.

Ways to Reuse your Article

Resell It
Send out the manuscript with a cover letter letting the editor know when and where it previously appeared. Some editors will want to see a copy of the published article.

Incorporate it into Another Work
Using previously written material in a new work saves you time and effort. A published piece can serve as a newsletter article or as part of a white paper.

Include it in Press kits or Information Packages
Placing relevant articles in your kits establishes you as an authority in your field. Also, journalists get a heads-up on what types of stories have already been written about you.

Use it in direct mail/direct response campaigns
Instead of wading through slick marketing copy, prospects receive what they'll consider solid evidence of your credibility. You can also offer the article as an incentive in your call to action

Give it to Sales Associates
They can distribute it at seminars or special events. The article can also support salespeople as a reference piece when they're responding to customer inquires.

Place it in Public Areas
If the publication or topic is prestigious enough, hang the article in your office or lobby.

Build Your Writing Credentials
When editors have evidence of your writing skills, they'll be more likely to approve your article proposals.

Link to it from your Web Site
This tactic doesn't require that you have reprint rights. Just tell the editor that you want to provide a link to your work.

With a little creativity, you can get extra mileage out of your efforts. Getting published is just the beginning.

Kelle Campbell is a freelance public relations and marketing writer and publisher of "The Public Relations Writer" e-newsletter. Her clients have included PR firms, small businesses, corporations and nonprofit organizations. To find out more, visit her on the Web at

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