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How to Find Harmony with Power Bloggers
Start with four steps to get your toes wet in the blogging pool.
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 by Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestroThe world of PR has certainly figured out that social media is important. However there is another group of people who have also realized social media importance—bloggers.

I will go as far as to say that no other industry has come quite as far in the last five years as those working in the blogging field. While journalism and PR have always been well respected and popular, blogging has very recently exploded onto the scene, and this is not something to be ignored. When it comes to PR, bloggers should now be on the radar.

Bloggers should be treated just like any other customer or advertiser you deal with as a PR professional. Bloggers now have a lot of power. Although bloggers are not journalists, they function in a similar fashion. While journalists usually write the facts, bloggers write their opinions, and these opinions are slowly ranking higher and higher on search engines. Consider a few of the reasons bloggers should be important to the PR industry:
  • Blogs are sometimes more visible than big name newspapers on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Bloggers often have their own, and very successful, social network accounts. If you can work with a blogger to promote something, the word will spread faster.
  • Bloggers are usually excited to hear from PR agencies hoping to work together. In some cases, bloggers will accept a guest article or write an article about your topic for free.
If your PR agency hasn’t taken a second look at the blogs available on the web, don’t sweat it. Although a lot of PR agencies have been utilizing bloggers, more have been either ignoring them or using them incorrectly. Consider a few of the things your PR agency should be doing to get the most out of a PR/blogger relationship:

Four Correct Ways to Get Started Working with Bloggers

Bloggers can be a quick and easy way to help get the word out about your latest project or event. In most cases, bloggers will welcome the chance to help out someone in their community or a PR agency with a big name. Consider a few of the ways your PR agency can get started:

1. Start a Blog
— One of the best ways to start connecting with bloggers is by starting a blog yourself. Whether it be a personal blog or a company blog, this is sure to help you find your way into the blogging circle (blogging is usually a
home based job, so it should be fairly convenient). Comment on others work, write articles of your own, and follow these bloggers on your social networks. This will help you create relationships (one of the most important things in the blogging world).

2. Aim to Help
— Although many bloggers enjoy hearing from PR agencies, they do not appreciate being asked to do something. You need to try and help bloggers; not just use them. Find a balance between their motives and your own. For example, bloggers do not appreciate being sent a press release with absolutely no explanation other than “could you post this on your blog.”

3. Research
— All blogs are not the same. Do not find a list of blogs and then begin sending out ideas. You must research the different blogs circulating the web and discover which ones accept outside information. Look for an “about” section on each blog to get a feel for the type of material the blog likes to publish.

4. Respect
— Bloggers should be treated the same way you would treat someone from The New York Times. Bloggers have something to offer, so when you pitch a story to them or offer a business proposal, treat them as you would every other media source you target. This may seem obvious, but this is one of the things bloggers complain about when it comes to PR agencies.

The most common misconception between bloggers and PR agencies is this idea of worth. Some journalists and PR agencies feel they have more to offer than a blogger, and while this may have been the case a few short years ago, bloggers have carved out an important spot for themselves online. Bloggers know they are important, so they have no problem saying “no” to a PR professional. For this reason, it is important to start approaching bloggers in a new manner. In the end if done correctly, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer for, giving
advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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