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How to Get a Job at an Egyptian PR Agency
Wanted: Education, experience, language, persistance.
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Basics of PR
Media Relations
Jobs in PR
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 by Hala El-Aidy

Hala El-AidyAre you independent, creative, and ambitious? If your personality reflects these characteristics, then, you have a prefect public relations character.

One of the most specialized fields of public relations is PR agencies. Typically, clients in PR agencies called ‘accounts’. PR employees inside the agency are assigned to these accounts. Your first position in PR agency will be an account coordinator, and then you will be promoted as an account executive followed by account manager.

In Egypt, There are about 23 PR agencies. The first PR agency, RadaResearch, found in 1982. It is crucial to understand that PR agencies in Egypt is relatively new and the Egyptian culture differs from the western experience about what PR agency can do. Thus, what are a PR job seekers really need to prepare themselves to work in an Egyptian PR agency? It would be interested to find out.

Education. Of course it is important to have an academic education in PR, may be a higher degree will add to you. However, in practice, PR person is hired not only for his master’s, but also for his ability of inspiring trust in clients and executing assignments.

Experience. PR agencies in Egypt give a great deal for media relations. Therefore, an experience in related fields such as journalism, broadcasting, or advertising adds for PR candidates.

Skills. The more skills you have, the better for your future in PR agencies industry in Egypt. Skills could be in writing, graphics design, photography and more.

Languages. It is common for Egyptian PR agencies to deliver its services to foreign clients. Knowing one or more languages beside the country’s native language, Arabic, will be a must.

Time Management. PR agencies bill their time for their clients. So, you should get the best of your time to increase the agency’s profits and achieving the client’s goals.

Training. Take a variety of courses in negotiation, business etiquette, and technology. This will broaden your knowledge and cultivate your unique talents.

Up-to-date. Just keep up with all the latest.

Finally, an experienced PR friend of mine once told me “a PR job seeker in
Egypt needs to PR himself.” This means that you should believe in yourself and convince others to believe in you.

Hala El-Aidy is a teacher with the Mass Communication
Department, Helwan University, Egypt. CIPR.

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