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Seven Baby Steps for Powerful Marketing
Walk your way to success with incremental feats.
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 by Leslie McKerns
McKerns Development

Leslie McKernsIn What About Bob, Dr. Leo Marvin (played by Richard Dreyfuss) is a respected psychiatrist, and has a best seller out -- Baby Steps, which is all about taking problems a little bit at a time. On the Dave Ramsey Show, the chief financial guru takes baby steps into real life with Baby Steps financial counseling.

Now, what if you could use a Baby Steps Marketing Method to achieve your marketing goals?

It often takes seven points of contact to influence a sale; therefore you'll need all 7 Baby Steps toward Powerful Marketing. In Baby Steps Marketing you will work systematically backwards through the seven steps that lead to credibility, trust and acceptance.

In Baby Step Marketing your highest goal would be Number 7, your most comprehensive and therefore largest (in dollars) offering.

In your Baby Steps Marketing System you will start by creating your most comprehensive (and therefore costly) service and putting that out there. Now you will work backwards in taking your client through the baby steps necessary for them to trust and want this ultimate product or service from you.

Baby Step One. You might direct your interested party to your website where they can download a free copy of tips and articles, results of a poll or research study, filling their need for more information and demonstrating that you are trusted source for this information.

Baby Step Two. You might offer a free subscription to your ezine, newsletter or blog.

Baby Step Three. You might offer free downloads of your e-book, white paper or case studies, filled with how to's, results and reference material from you and other trusted sources in your affiliate marketing program.

Baby Step Four. You might offer tickets to your speaking engagement or an industry event where you can meet.

Baby Step Five. You might offer a special discounted purchase of a copy of your published book or e-book; with the purchase of tools and supplies such as a workbook or templates.

Baby Step Six. You might ask them to sign up for the purchase of an e-course (delivered via e-mail in a series of consumable e-mail short lessons), coaching session, pod-cast, web cast or web conference. (These are constructed and offered through a variety of readily accessible and excellent on-line resources.)

Baby Step Seven. You are ready to offer your highest level of service. If you are a professional services supplier, such as an architect, this might be your fee to design the latest multi-story mixed use urban waterfront project. Or if you are a coaching consultant, or an advertising company, you may have a substantial monthly consulting fee that a client pays to stay onboard with you for a set period, say a year.

In your Baby Steps Marketing Method, you created quality offerings that led your clients to see you as knowledgeable, trustworthy and credible. Each time they purchased something or read something you offered you helped them consume it (understand and use it effectively), and nurtured the contact to the next level. Each Baby Steps Marketing Method step is an opportunity to stay in touch and build credibility and trust to that next level.

The seventh level in your Baby Steps Marketing Method is where you wanted to be all along!

Leslie McKerns, publicist and PR expert for small business, 
is owner of McKerns Development, a Florida based PR, marketing and strategic business development firm. For testimonials, samples and five unique service packages to fit the 
growth needs of small business owners go to

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