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Three Techniques for Generating Publicity
Reach out with to the public with special events and causes.
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 by Mary Gormandy White
Mobile Technical Institute

Gormandy WhiteWhen your goal is to grow your business, one of the most important things you can do is spend time learning how to generate publicity for your organization.  

The key to getting publicity for your company is to develop and implement a sound public relations plan that focuses on activities designed to attract positive media attention to the activities of your business. 

Three of the best techniques for generating publicity include:

1. Special Events

Hosting a special event is a great way to generate publicity for your company.  There are many ways to generate free publicity for events that are open to the public.  Many websites and newspapers have special sections dedicated to community events, and you can submit information about any events that you have scheduled for publication consideration.

For example, if you are opening a new location, you might want to consider holding a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Even if you aren't moving, you can schedule an open house event.  While the news media aren't likely to attend the actual event, any pre-event publicity that you generate can boost your business, and you will enjoy the added benefit of giving customers and prospective customers a good excuse to visit your business.

2. Public Speaking Engagements

Most civic and professional organizations schedule speakers for their weekly or monthly meetings.  Come up with an idea for an interesting topic that is related to your business offer to speak to local organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, the American Business Women's Association, and others. 

The speaking engagement itself will give you an opportunity to make contacts and let a new group of people know about your company.  You are also likely to find your name in print before the meeting, as most organizations distribute news releases announcing upcoming speakers to the local media and in print speaker bios in their own newsletters. 

3. Cause Marketing

Pick your favorite non-profit organization and do something that benefits the charity.  By aligning with a non-profit, you are able to do something for the good of the community.  This positions you as a good corporate citizen in your area, which can have a positive impact on your image.

The news media in most communities tend to look very favorably upon activities that benefit charitable organizations.  When you engage in promotional activities that directly benefit well-known, reputable nonprofit organizations, you may receive positive press as a result of your efforts. 

By no means are these the only ways of generating publicity for your company.  There are many different ways to generate publicity for all types of businesses.  The first step in creating the perfect public relations plan for your company is to learn everything that you can about different means of garnering positive press for your company.

Mary Gormandy White is co-founder of Mobile Technical Institute, where 
she teaches seminars, classes, and makes conference presentations 
on public relations, marketing, management, customer service, and communication. Visit for 
small business marketing, PR, and management advice.

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