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Boost Your Website Traffic with Releases
Convert your article archive into content for searcher draw.
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by Marcia Yudkin
Marketing Author & Consultant

Marcia YudkinThe old "billboard in the basement" dilemma continues to dog many individuals and organizations: Put up a web site with great content and appealing offers, and you still have to work hard at getting visitors to come have a look. 

If you have an archive of articles, though, you can quickly and easily solve this dilemma. Convert those articles into newsworthy press releases and distribute these media magnets online, then enjoy increased web site traffic, both directly and indirectly.

The direct impact of distributing press releases online comes from readers who view them on various newsfeeds and then click through to your site from the links in the release. Among those readers are often journalists, who then can give you a big boost in credibility and visibility when they write about you in their publications.

Because online news sites are considered high-quality sources of information, distributing press releases online also produces the indirect effect of raising the rank of your web site pages in search engines due to the links in the press releases.  

The key to converting your article archive into press releases in order to enjoy those benefits is coming up with newsworthy publicity angles that serve as timely or useful "hooks" on which to hang some of the article content. Although there are countless possible publicity hooks, these nine are easiest to use in relation to your article archive:

* tips
* trend
* upcoming event
* holiday or seasonal tie-in
* freebie or giveaway tie-in
* controversial claim
* predictions
* activist cause tie-in
* piggybacking on media hot topics

Let's say, for instance, that you're a martial arts expert and have an archive of articles relating to various aspects of self-defense. Here's how you could link some of those articles with the kinds of angles listed above.

Article topic: At what age can children learn self-defense?
Publicity angle: Trend (Bullying) + Controversial Claim
Press release headline: Martial Arts Expert Advocates Nonviolent Self-defense Training for all Second-Graders as Cure for Bullying

Article topic: Are women better protected with mace or self-defense training?
Publicity angle: Holiday Tie-in (Valentine's Day)
Press release headline: To Keep Your Sweetheart Safe, A Self-Defense Class Works Better Than Mace as a Valentine's Day Gift

Article topic: Seven benefits of martial arts training
Publicity angle: Upcoming Event (Lecture)
Press release headline: Dallas Martial Arts Studio Offers Free Lecture April 17 at the Brooks Branch Library, "Seven Benefits of Martial Arts Training"
Once you've selected an angle and written the headline, follow the established press release format by completing a four or five paragraph release in journalistic style. Do a Google search for "sample press release" and you'll quickly
find models. Or just click to  
Be sure to include a link to your home page or a special landing page for the
release in both your first and last paragraphs.

Next, distribute the release online through any of the dozens of press release distribution services. Again, do a Google search for "press release distribution" and you'll quickly find options at various price points.  Or use the service at In addition, post the release at your own site. 

Then repeat the process with another article in your archive. Over time, you'll enjoy a boost in web traffic and maybe even a little fame.

Marcia Yudkin is the author of 11 books, including 
6 Steps to Free Publicity and Persuading on Paper.  
For more information on getting a profitable 
second round of visibility for ideas, tips, products, 
repeat events or controversial views, visit

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