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Did You Know?

You're facing a room full of news media. The Dan Rather Rule decrees only three legitimate responses to a reporter's question. Do you know what to answer?
  The Dan Rather Rule

McDonald's opened a new restaurant in 1990, with ceremonies which were carried live by all three major U.S. television networks in morning programs. Where was this remarkable restaurant located? 
  McDonald's PR Coup

Your press release is due in an hour, but you just can't find a flow. The best tip for overcoming writer's block may well be the shortest. Guess what?
  Beat Writer's Block

Your PR prose will sizzle if you keep your message lean and clean. Here's how to take a cleaver to excess words.


Some PR strategies are immortal, others are fatal. Some sizzle, some fizzle. Take a look at these wonders and blunders.
PR Coups and Capers 

Media interviews can be a PR boost or bust. A few moments of preparation beats months of clean-up.
 Media Do's and Don'ts

The Public Relations desk is frequently a company's conscience. Itís not always a popular spot to be in, but itís an important job.

  Ethical PR: An Oxymoron?

Wham! The crisis hits. Is the ensuing media frenzy like a circus? Or trench warfare? No, it's a hockey game.

  Skate Around Media Crises

ou don't need to be a PR pro to use PR well. Young businesses just finding their feet can take some basic steps for becoming known.

The best way to get a company's story out may be to tell it like a story. Everybody comfy? Well, listen to how it's done.

  Storytelling and PR

he global revenues of the top 50 PR firms have more than doubled over the last three years. These firms have huge clients. They have state-of-the-art resources. They have jobs. Who are they?
  Booming PR Biz

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