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Five Simple Ways to Promote Events 

Getting media coverage of your special community events is not only easy, it's often free. Mary White has five tips on how to put your event on the calendars of the media and participants.
Extra: Your PR Toolbox

Why Internal PR Should Come First 

External public relations campaigns will be all the more effective if your internal PR is in good order. Amanda DiSilvestro suggests three steps to help.
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Just look at these PR wonders & blunders.

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Your career future in public relations: how to get started and win.
A best interview tip for landing a PR job.
PR: Who needs it? Small business, social causes -- you do!
Ethical public relations: An oxymoron?

               In Brief: An Insider's Take on Talk Radio

Radio has gone through as many radical changes as other media. Still it's a valuable outlet for media campaigns, as Marsha Friedman gets tips from former talk-show host Alex Hinojosa.
International PR
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How to pitch a presser, win a job interview, create an online newsroom, conquer a crisis, conduct guerrilla PR, and much more in this expert collection.

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Your PR kit: writing a press release, working with the media, crafting a speech, links to fundamental resources, and more. Nuts, bolts, and how-to's for effective PR.

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Dictionaries, encyclopedia, media directories, maps, style guides, country reports, currency converters, language translators ...

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