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Public Relations Feature Article Archives

Featured Articles on Public Relations
PR professionals share their very best insider secrets and tips on how to conduct winning public relations. Click the link and bookmark this updated selection of useful how-to articles.

Archive 1
- The Truth About PR Disasters
- What You Don't Know About Public Relations Can Hurt You
- Put Your Networking to Work

Archive 2
- Ten Steps to Better Media Relations
- Media Releases for All Occasions
- Press Releases are a Colossal Waste of Time

Archive 3
- Public Relations Across Cultures
- Storytelling and Public Relations
- How to Improve Your Media Relations

Archive 4
- Boost the Credibility of Your Web Site
- PR: The Wildcard Marketing Strategy
- Effective Strategies for Online Public Relations

Archive 5
- The Road to Inspiration
- Don't Overlook the Small Stuff
- Publicity From Thin Air

Archive 6
- PR's Place in the New Millennium
- Time to Sweeten Up The KISS Rule
- Pitching Your Product is Problematic

Archive 7
- Escaping the Taint of Corporate Scandal
- Why Some Crisis Plans Miss the Boat
- Skate Your Way Around Media Crises

Archive 8
- Assume the Marketing Position
- When to Use a Public Relations Pro and How to Hire One
- Optimizing Press Releases to Show Up in Search Engines

Archive 9
- A Recipe for Marketing Success
- Effective Steps to Counter a Crisis
- Recycling Published Articles

Archive 10
- How to Pitch The Media Like a Pro
- Want Successful Public Relations? Plan For It!
- Draw Media Coverage to Trade Shows

Archive 11
- Publicity Stunts Still Earn Attention
- What is Public Relations?
- Practical Pointers for Powerful Press Releases

Archive 12
- How to Write a Winning Op-Ed
- Your Career in Public Relations
- Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

Archive 13
- Amateurism Hurts Public Relations
- How Public Relations Can Help Your Business
- From the Mailbag: What Am I Missing?

Archive 14
- Squeezing Fresh Tech Media Plans
- How to Hit the Public Relations Bullseye
- From the Mailbag: What's Your Best Job Interview Tip?

Archive 15
- How to Avoid 'Me Too' Marketing
- Crisis Management Moments
- How to Stage Great Media Events

Archive 16
- Fast PR Opportunities on Slow News Days
- Successful Company Communications
- Public Relations Can Be the Antidote for Small Business Failure

Archive 17
- Keep Your PR Copy Trim and Sleek
- Create a Killer Online Newsroom
- Batter Up! How to Pitch Your Media Release

Archive 18
- Public Relations for the New Entrepreneur
- Is Your Public Relations Investment Paying Off?
- From the Mailbag: Should I Be a Public Relations Intern?

Archive 19
- Making the Most of Media Interviews
- Public Relations and (or) Advertising?
- Objectives: The Weakest Link in Public Relations

Archive 20
- Ethical Public Relations: Not An Oxymoron
- PR Ethics? In Praise of Secrecy
- Whither (and Whether) Goes Public Relations?

Archive 21
- The Perfect Media Package
- The Benefits of Being Brief
- The New Rules for Public Relations

Archive 22
- Just What is News?
- Understanding US Hispanic News Media
- Microwaveable Marketing

Archive 23
- You and the Broadcast Media
- Understanding SERM
- Creating an Online Newsroom

Archive 24
- A New Generation of Public Relations
- Putting Passion in Your Public Relations
- How to Write a World-Class Media Release

Archive 25
- The Public Relations Career X Factor
- Business Names Really Do Matter

- How to Write Microcontent

Archive 26
- The Art of Mea Culpa
- How to Make Your Website Name Sizzle

- 11 Tips for Using Photos & Graphics for PR

Archive 27
- Media Tours: A Playbook
- Rise Out of Your Rut

- Tag Line Calisthenics

Archive 28
- Crisis Plans for Small Business
- Trial by Media: Do's & Don'ts
- Raising Your Profile

Archive 29
- Successful Grassroots Marketing
- The Role of PR for Technology
- When the Media Go Too Far

Archive 30
- Loose Talk Can Cost Careers
- Putting Your Network to Work
- Achieving Fan/Celebrity Communications

Archive 31
- Craft Creative Content for Catalogs & The Web
- Ten Steps to Better Media Relations
- The Balancing Act of Announcing Bugs

Archive 32
- Dramatically Improve Your PR Writing Skills
- Sleepwalking Through the Workday
- Picking the Right Picture for Your Media Release

Archive 33
- Easy Techniques for Media Interviews
- Promote Yourself on About PR
- Use Technology to Make Reporters Happy

Archive 34
- Baby Steps Toward Powerful Marketing
- Help Sponsor About Public Relations
- More Media Coverage With F-Words

Archive 35
- Five Tips to Improve Your Team's Writing Skills
- Don't Gamble on Your PR Creativity
- The Press Release is Alive and Well

Archive 36
- Free Publicity is Worth Its Weight in Gold
- 25 Tips for Branding Your Company
- Traditional PR Still Remains Strong

Archive 37
- Partnerships with Non-Profits
- Driving Technology Thought Leadership
- Marketing for the 60s Baby Boomer Set

Archive 38
- Crisis Prevention Through Foresight
- Launching a Multicultural PR Campaign
- Pitching to Oprah's Magazine

Archive 39
- Ten Commandments of a Press Release
- Five Tips for Creating World of Mouth PR
- Ten Core Media Relations Strategies

Archive 40
- Three Techniques for Better Publicity
- The Two C's of Effective Marketing
- First PR Jobs in Public Relations for Non-Profits

Archive 41
- Writing Your Crisis Communications Plan
- How to Pitch Stories for Maximum Media Placement
- How to Write Search Engine Optimized Releases

Archive 42
- Want the Media's Attention? Say Something!
- 55 Reasons to Send a Media Release
- Boost Website Traffic With Media Archives

Archive 43
- How to Communicate More Effectively
- Three C's of Crisis Credibility
- Six No-Hype Copywriting Techniques

Archive 44
- Plugging In New PR Technologies
- Using SEO in Crisis Management
- When Good Clients Turn Bad

Archive 45
- Winning the PR Media Game
- The Truth About Public Speaking
- The State of PR in Istanbul

Archive 46
- How to Pitch News Stories Like a Journalist
- PR Strategies for Small Business
- Strategic Public Relations and Brand Development

Archive 47
- How to Counter the Reporter Ambush
- What Makes the News Media Run
- Tips on What to Wear for a TV Interview

Archive 48
- Social Networking Changed Everything
- How to Harness the Power of YouTube
- Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media?

Archive 49
- Lessons Learned from Media Ambush
- The ABC's of Marketing for PR
- Six Best Public Relations Writing Tips

Archive 50
- Why Getting on a Show is So Important
- The 1982 Tylenol Crisis
- Communication Appeals & Tactics

Archive 51
- How to Get the Media Interested in You
- New PR Graduates: Words of Advice
- How Effective Are Your Media Releases?

Archive 52
- Your Message Content is Still King
- How to Survive a Seasonal Slump
- Promoting a Newly Public Company

Archive 53
- How to Get Yourself on Talk Radio
- Press Releases: Dead or Alive?
- Creating Resonant Multicultural Messages

Archive 54
- Public Relations: Your Saving Grace?
- Book Excerpt: When the Headline is You
- Search Engine Optimization for PR Websites

Archive 55
- How to UnGoogle Yourself
- The Art of Pitching to the Media
- How Holidays Can Drive Your PR Campaign

Archive 56
- Why Marketing Campaigns Must Have Video
- How to Run Ethical PR Campaigns
- The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & PR

Archive 57
- How to Effectively Promote Yourself
- Prepare Yourself for Presentations
- Technology Public Relations in Turkey

Archive 58
- How Authors Can Promote Cookbooks on TV
- Socially Responsible Public Relations
- How to Get Better Media Coverage

Archive 59
- The Case for a Reputation Protection Model
- Title Changes Can Transform a Story
- Is the Television Commercial Dying?

Archive 60
- An Insider's Take on Talk Radio
- Marketing Yourself for a Public Relations Job
- How to Pitch Best for Media Placements

Archive 61
- So, Where Are Your Sales?
- Friendraising New PR Relationships
- Tactics to Get Your Products in Stores

Archive 62
- How to Use Facebook to Market Your Book
- How to Attract Seasonal Shoppers
- How Ghostwritten Books Promote Clients

Archive 63
- Bloggers Win More Trust Than Celebrities
- How to Kill a Viral Video
- Social Listening: Hearing Your New PR Ideas

Archive 64
- So, Just How Does PR Help Sales?
- How to Start Your Own PR Agency
- How to Assess PR Campaign Results

Archive 65
- What to Expect from Online Exposure
- Twitter: A Crisis Communications Tool
- How to Start Your Dream Career in Public Relations

Archive 66
- What Should Your Professional Tagline Be?
- Should Face-to-Face Meetings Matter?
- How to Maximize Public Speaking Engagements

Archive 67
- What is a 3-D PR Campaign?
- How to Harmonize with Power Bloggers
- The Art of Media Relations in Brazil

Archive 68
- How Mainstream Media Use Social Media
- Learning from Past PR Crises
- Networking Without an Internship

Archive 69
- Five Simple Ways to Promote Events
- Why Internal PR Should Come First
- An Insider's Take on Talk Radio

Archive 70
- How to Make Sure the Camera Loves You
- Career Choice of In-House or Agency
- How to Create an Effective Retail Website

Archive 71
- How to Be a Print Reporter's Best Pick
- Tips for Taking on Tough Talk Radio
- How to Get a Job in Public Relations

Archive 72
- Connect Emotional Intelligence and PR
- How to Write a Public Relations Plan
- For Best Promotion, Think Human Nature

Archive 73
- Online PR & SEO: Really the Same Thing?
- Social Media: More Than Promotional
- How to Choose Between PR and Advertising

Archive 74
- The PR Side of Guerilla Marketing
- Five Ways to Repair a Bad Online Reputation
- The Evolution of  PR in Russia

Archive 75
- How to Answer the Really Tough Questions
- Use Social Media to Boost Your PR
- Social Media at the Expense of Your Website?

Archive 76
- Crafting Effective Media Releases
- Media Relations Tips & Tactics
- Developing Public Relations Leadership

Archive 77
- How to Win and Wow a Crowd
- How to Market Yourself to Talk Radio
- Content Marketing & PR Marketing

Archive 78
- Effective PR Holiday Strategies
- Talk Radio & Elections at Lightspeed
- Public Relations on the Internet

Archive 79
- Finding a Win-Win PR Internship
- How Professional Speakers Fit on Talk Radio
- How to Prepare for a Live TV Interview

Archive 80
- Ten Best Tips for PR Newcomers

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