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  Amateurism Hurts Public Relations

We've met the enemy, and it is us, says Andy Marken. Here are ways we hurt ourselves through shoddy media releases and relations, and how we might improve the matter.
Your PR Toolbox

  How PR Can Help Your Business

You can find a payoff if you only move your audience in the right direction through effective PR tactics. Robert Kelly shares how.
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Just look at these PR wonders & blunders.

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Your career future in public relations: how to get started and win.
A best interview tip for landing a PR job.
PR: Who needs it? Small business, social causes -- you do!
Ethical public relations: An oxymoron?

                From the Mailbag: What Am I Missing?

"I've been extremely successful at getting coverage for my clients, but is that all there is to PR? I feel as if I should be doing more, but I'm not sure what it is."
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How to pitch a presser, win a job interview, create an online newsroom, conquer a crisis, conduct guerrilla PR, and much more in this expert collection.

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Your PR kit: writing a press release, working with the media, crafting a speech, links to fundamental resources, and more. Nuts, bolts, and how-to's for effective PR.

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Dictionaries, encyclopedia, media directories, maps, style guides, country reports, currency converters, language translators ...

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