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Public Relations for the New Entrepreneur
Seven steps to getting known.
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 Promising Promotion

by Jill Lublin
Promising Promotion

Jill LublinSo you've started your own business and you're ready to let the world (or your neighborhood) know. Now it's time to add public relations to the list of your entrepreneurial skills. Understanding the function of public relations and what it comprises is an essential component of success.

Public relations is human relations and a critical aspect of growing your business. Everything you say and do is part of your PR campaign. It is the image you project every day to everyone you meet. It is about you and your company becoming a force in the public eye on a regular basis. PR that you undertake yourself can be a primary way to grow your business and become known without major expense.

There are seven basic steps involved in mounting your campaign.

Step #1 involves figuring out who you are, what you do and how to express it in the most succinct and interesting way possible. There may be situations such as at networking functions where you have only 30 seconds to introduce yourself and make that all-important first impression. Spend as much time as necessary practicing your 'intro' until it truly flows in a positive, strong and confident manner. If you look and feel confident about what you have to offer, it will be reflected in your handshake, eye contact and tone of voice. Equally important is the quality and image of any materials you hand out or mail, and that begins with your business card. Remember that success begets success and great first impressions will speak volumes about you and your business.

Step #2 is to determine your ooh-ahh factor, the "story" about you, your product and/or your company which makes people go "Ooh, ahh, tell me more."  It's important to understand why you are news from the media's perspective and how your products help people, or how your service gives value and benefit. Once you know your "ooh-ahh" factor, you can begin to create materials which will tailor your story to the specific media whose attention you wish to gain.

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Jill Lublin is the owner of Promising Promotion, a full service public relations agency located in Bel Marin Keys, California, and the author of The Insider's Edge to Powerful Publicity. Her clients are individuals as well as major corporations and she does extensive lecturing and training throughout the United States. She can be reached at (415) 883~5455,  
or at

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