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The good news is public relations job openings are expected to increase faster than other industry averages through 2008. The bad news is the number of PR aspirants entering the field is growing faster than the new job openings. 

This makes for some stiff competition ahead for those trying to break in to the PR profession.Roadway

Furthermore, as communications become ever more specialized in both content and media outlets, PR professionals will have to bring ever more skills to the employment table. No longer will a journalism degree and a few news clips impress too many employers. 

Along with a glut of PR applicants, the economic pressures to raise pay levels for entry-level public relations employees will be minimal. 

While fresh engineering graduates may land a six-figured salary soon after graduation, most PR professionals will have to work many years before they reach that realm, if ever.

Salaried PR workers can also expect to work long (and often unpaid) extra hours, travel frequently, and be prepared for late-night and weekend duty in the middle of a crisis or during special organization events. 

And, of course, there's always the instance where you might have to bite your tongue and broadcast the company line, in spite of your own personal distaste on a topic.

Fortunately, there are many means and plenty of professional support to minimize the worst of it and maximize the best aspects of a future in public relations. We'll visit some of those in the next two sections ahead.

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