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Your Future in Public Relations
Part 4: Where to look for your career advancement
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 Part 1: Where it's at
 Part 2: When it's rough
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There are more than 200 American colleges and 100 graduate schools offering degrees in public relations, often within a school of journalism or a communications department. Many other colleges offer related coursework outside of a degree program. Look

A PR student can expect to study topics such as principles of public relations, writing, desk-top publishing, organizational management, theories of communications, journalism, advertising, research, sociology, and any of many specialized subjects depending on a student's particular career interests. 

A good place to begin researching educational options is the PR career center at

The PR job seeker can find lots of employment leads at sites offering career guidance, internships, public relations job listings, professional development, and general PR industry connections

Aspirants mulling a future in public relations may want to look at some fundamentals of the PR industry. A dose of PR ethics may help with the difficult decisions when the heat hits. A wise adage says the journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step -- make sure yours are in the right direction!

And be sure to return often to the About Public Relations subject and article pages for current and comprehensive information on the PR industry and employment.

Best of luck and much success!

- Steven R. Van Hook

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